Let us tell you about Brand Destiny – our special form of brand positioning.

Like all god-like figures in mythology, every brand is an archetypal figure with a divine destiny: to assist heroes on their quest for glory and our job is to help you and your team unearth your brand’s destiny.

As a first step, you need to reveal your Brand Myth. This is the essential story of your brand, the global narrative structure by which your brand unfolds its true meaning for all consumers, no matter what region or culture.

The Brand Myth is the mould from which all elements of your global positioning and strategy are cast. We offer two approaches for setting the Brand Myth. Ideally, we help you conduct a Prototype Insight Activator, a wonderful combination

of ethnography and co-creation, which empowers your consumers – in the context of their private experiences with your products – to tell the tale of your brand.

If this type of research is not an option, we provide a Brand Myth Audit, a desk-top research that involves analysing the glorious moments in your brand’s history, decoding the mythical structures – imbedded in advertising, pack and product – that were responsible for these highlights. Once we’ve agreed the Brand Myth, we conduct a Brand Destiny Workshop. Attended by all key stakeholders, including the incumbent advertising agency, we work together step by step, starting with agreeing your Brand Myth.

In the end we complete the Inner Brand Pyramid, composed of the remaining building blocks of your Brand Destiny followed by the Brand Destiny Documentation. We offer our clients an interactive documentation of the Brand Destiny, allowing your colleagues and creative partners – current and future – to easily navigate through the realm of meaning that represents your brand and your BCR.

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