There are many ways to communicate a big idea. Finding the most inspiring and insightful approach, and injecting this into the IBC Brief is what the BCR Briefer® does.

Together with your team and the ad agency, we develop stimulus for each inspiring, news-worthy facet of the product or brand in question. As hunters, we create illustrated Comm-Routes to investigate the product idea from a different angle.

Consumers then help us understand which territories are most exciting, unique and ‘sticky’, at which point the advertising brief is created – fuelled by an alchemy of consumer insight, shared by the whole team and with the nuggets needed to enter consumers top-of-mind.

Via the BCR Briefer®, the agency and the team ‘live the brief’. This helps the agency generate fantastic creative ideas, which supports the avoid the frustration, time and expense of reworks and re-briefings.

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