And why BCR is the ideal Partner to provide consumer insights.

In the early stages of concept development, the Knorr team faced a problem: consumers were interested in a vegetable-based instant soup, but they were worried that such a soup would neither be satisfying enough, nor leave them feeling full.

The solution: BCR suggested calling the product ‘Gemüse Satt’, (‘stuffed with vegetables’). This catchy name said it all: a soup full of vegetables - and full of eating pleasure.

Knorr went on to leverage this outstanding name, establishing an effective television advertising campaign, that is still in use, three years later.

“Together with BCR we explored consumer behaviour and created a concept which was new and simple[...]. BCR helped us through their great consumer understanding approach and creativity to do this work which proved to be a very successful launch.”
Dominique Guilini, Head of Marketing OTC Switzerland

“It’s amazing the way BCR looks at things... . We never would have come up with this idea the way we were thinking!”
Tanja Steffan, in her role as Knorr Soup Brand Manager


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