The Sunlight team was aiming to upgrade it’s core.

The challenge to BCR: Come up with an idea that projects top efficacy by leveraging Sunlight’s historical icon: the lemon. In a 2-day creative workshop in Milan we developed, selected and built a strong idea with the potential to achieve their goal: Lemon 100! With the power of over 100 lemons.

We then conducted a global sequential recycling journey across 3 countries: Italy, Indonesia and India to refine the final concept and codes for quantitative validation. The result? A global success story!

I will always remember this magic moment, after hours of meeting, everybody was exhausted and we knew we were close to find a solution but what?

All of a sudden, Frank gathered all its remaining energy and thinking, and jumped to the flip chart writing Lemon-100. It is flying off the shelf wherever across the globe.

Olivier Juglair, Global Brand Director



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