TBWA approached BCR to help them and their client re-instill new relevance and pride for McDonald’s in Italy.

Together we took the McDonald’s marketing team on a time journey, showing how in the 1980’s McDonald’s had successfully tapped the spirit of the times. We then returned to the present, looking at the current societal mood, asking the question: How can McDonald’s win back its fame as an Italian Zeitgeist Brand?

Inspired by this journey, we then crafted a new positioning statement. Since then TBWA has excited McDonald’s with a new Campaign Idea, destined to help McDonald’s reconquer its Zeitgeist status in Italy.

Mc Donald

At the beginning of the workshop, it seemed we each had a different opinion. BCR helped us look deeper and bring our ideas together.  In the end everybody was happy and felt part of the big idea that came out of the workshop. This is not easy, I was very impressed! Bravo, BCR!

Elisa Gennari
Consumer Insight Manager
McDonald’s Development Italy Inc.


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