... and BCR was asked to develop a big idea to land it.

First we used our Prototype Insight Activator®, a special method that helps consumers, when using a product, tell dramatic stories about how it makes their everyday dreams come true. Armed with these fresh insights, BCR conducted a Concept Recycler to generate the winning concept and name which produced outstanding quant results where ever tested.

To inspire brilliant mix execution Unilever then used the
BCR Briefer® to brief their advertising and packaging agencies. The resulting mix has been a smash hit across
the globe.

Currently Unilever is asking BCR to help craft the global strategy, and generate further ideas to make White NOW even bigger.

" Working with BCR on our White Now project was a fantastic journey. BCR was involved all the way from the beginning, from crafting the concept, coming up with the fantastic name and developing a powerful communication brief which was based on the Cinderella effect. This brief inspired our agency to come up with a great piece of advertising. The results of White Now so far speak for themselves: it is on its way to become one of the biggest Oral Care launches ever." Patrick Albrecht, Unilever, Former Global Development Oral Care


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