Unilever’s global innovation centre for hand dish wash approached us with exactly this challenge: Find one idea to relaunch their core business. An idea that works despite different countries having different cooking utensils, materials, foods, and dish-wash challenges!

The winning answer: Turbo Lemon, an idea that has galvanized consumers across the globe.

We began this challenging hunt with a creative workshop, attended by marketers and development managers from 4 continents. We used special techniques to unleash their creativity, creating dozens of fresh, new ideas. The strongest 8 went into a global FOPPER®, a sequential recycling method that forces you to express concepts on the FOP.

You should have seen the client’s eyes light up the first time we cracked the Turbo Lemon idea, using an iconic speed dial, appreciated everywhere as a symbol of power and speed... exactly what you need for dish-washing!

Since then the Sunlight team has invited BCR back twice, each time to take their core business to the next level.

Ask us about 100 Lemons, the next big idea for Sunlight’s latest global relaunch.

"A great experience, great team, great results. Getting new insight from consumers is not difficult if you know how to get them. The FOPPER was a great tool to get to a fantastic idea that travelled globally in a very short time. Recommended."
Vincenzo Riili, Senior Global Innovation Manager Sunlight


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