For FMCG consumers, the FOP (Front-Of-Pack) is the concept!

This reality is often under-exploited when developing concepts. The FOPPER® fully exploits this reality... you bring ideas to life on the Front-Of-Pack. You discover how to give ideas simplicity, clarity and cut-through power. By the end, your exit ideas are able to win consumer hearts and minds within seconds!

How does the FOPPER® create this difference?

Right from the beginning, your ideas take on sharp, single-minded form... there is only enough room on a FOP for the most important conceptual elements! Via exposure to FOPs, consumers engage with your ideas on their terms... intuitively, instinctively, as they do in real life!
It´s this reality-based interaction that leads to deeper, more relevant insights... and stronger ideas. By the end of a FOPPER®, only the most powerful hooks remain, embedded in ideas that literally jump off the page, to help your final mix jump off the shelf!

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