When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Victor Frankl

In the fast moving Consumer Goods industry we are passionate about great innovations, exciting inventions, and brilliant ideas. And sometimes its time for a real game changer to dominate the market. Approach us to facilitate your Game Changer Workshop.

As a first step, we the team will need to understand what´s already out there to be inspired by already existing brands and products. Therefore we invite all key stakeholders to join our hunt. Related departments, such as R&D, get clear briefs from us and enable the team to use new technology as springboards for new ideas. Your creative agencies will be empowered to come up with environmental success stories to set up the spirit.

Let us support your hunt through our Idea templates and Creative Exercises during this workshop and motivate your own team to change the game! And of course we will also ensure our creative ideas will be captured... Once we´ve collected all the ideas during the creative flow, we will deliver the Game Changing Document with recommendation for the most promising ideas, based on our experience.

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