For developing brand strategy, a popular approach is to begin with BCR’s Prototype Insight Activator® (PIA).

This tool unpacks fresh consumer insight into your Brand Myth allowing you to bring your brand closer to consumers lives, to embed the brand into consumers everyday rituals and dramas.

Consumers often struggle to articulate insights as a person’s rational, intellectual faculties stand in the way of expressing ‘gut feelings’, intuition and emotion. The BCR Prototype Insight Activator® is a special qualitative tool that combines a unique style of ethnography, projective storytelling techniques, consumer creativity and psycho-analysis.

Storytelling is the most powerful, intuitive media for communicating insight.

And dramas are the most powerful form of stories! This is why the BCR Prototype Insight Activator® relies on Drama Scripts: consumers complete projective dialogues that unveil the drama in consumers everyday lives. Each set of Drama Scripts is created especially for your brand, for your products. No two Drama Scripts are alike!

The most relevant insights come from product experiences.

The BCR Prototype Insight Activator® derives its insight by having consumers use your brand/product in their natural environment. This roots the insights in a visceral, reality- based, sensorial context that leads to the highest quality of insight not lofty, philosophical ones, but the kind of applicable insight that leads to maximum consumer traction!

The consumer is the best author of your brand and product myth!

Last but not least, and in accordance with the belief of all our clients, this method places the consumer at the heart. In the end, its your consumer who ends up penning the three most relevant insights, derived from the stories of how your brand, your product and the consumers life form a synergetic, eternally unique myth.

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