First we help you construct a ZEITGEIST MAP, employing a unique combination of Big Data, Ethnographic exploration, and desk research. By observing the collective micro and macro cosmos of your consumer, we are able to pinpoint relevant fields of tension. If your brand/product can resolve this tension, amazing rapid growth will follow. Depending on your needs, we will do the search, for example, in…

  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Sport
  • Literature
  • Television
  • Cinema
  • Social Media
  • Vernacular
  • Current events
  • Society & Institutions
  • Products & Services
  • Global conditions


We use the ZEITGEIST MAP to highlight distinct opportunities for becoming the ZEITGEIST brand in your category. Like the points on a compass, each option represents a unique strategic direction, each with the disruptive power to dominate mental space in your category.


We then use a co-creation process – working with your target consumers – to develop the final, perfect marketing mix.

  • Are you responsible for achieving an aggressive growth plan? Do you need to trigger an influx of new users?
  • Are you responsible for generating your brand’s next big innovation? Do you need to build an innovation roadmap for you brand?
  • Is your brand struggling to break away from the competition? Are you looking to disrupt the category, to change the rules?
  • Do you need to launch your brand into a new region? Or into a new category?
  • Do you need to re-launch your brand? Create a brand positioning? Develop a new communication strategy?
  • Do you need to create a new design or CI?
  • Are you under pressure to create new trends?

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