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Humans possess the creative instinct to generate brilliant marketing mixes.

BCR augments this ability with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to greatly enhance the efficiency and probability of landing a huge marketing hit.

We call this approach AI IDEAMANSHIP.

HOW BRAINTAP WORKS - Concept Example

  1. We transform your concept challenge into an INSIGHT MAP which defines the search areas for our Insight Mining Algorithms (IMAs).
  2. Our Neural and Behavioural scientists collaborate with AI-coders to build IMAs that THINK LIKE HUMANS, BUT AT THE SPEED OF MACHINES!
  3. Our IMAs instantly analyse the opinions and pain-points of millions(!) of consumers to generate dozens of highly robust insights. We can do this across as many countries as you want.
  4. We apply Neural Semantic Analysis to determine which insights drive greatest appeal for consumers.
  5. We convert these insights into product concepts, guided by the experience of our concept development experts.
  6. For each concept, we use AI-Assisted Design to produce a 2D front-of-pack (FOP). Eye-tracking programs then instantly identify the best ideas based on their hooking power and ability to transport the intended idea within seconds.
  • Better ideas at a fraction of time and costs.
  • Marketing decisions based on the opinion of millions of consumers
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